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BIOMEDevice 2018 – Sit Down Q&A With Mushield Vice President

San Jose Convention Center November 30, 2018

MuShield will hit the road once again for the 11th annual BIOMEDevice tradeshow happing December 5th and 6th at the San Jose Convention Center in California. We’re excited to make our debut appearance at this premiere showcase event which brings together more than 1,500+ medical device industry professionals and 250+ suppliers. MuShield is always pumped to be one of the voices and movers-and-shakers present in the booming medical device design and manufacturing community. We enjoy offering up developments within our niche place in the industry – delivering fabrication and magnetic shielding needs to a vast array of applications in the medical device world.

Attendees are invited to drop in to our booth to talk show and hang out with our friendly team which includes our Vice President, Luke Grilli, who was gracious enough to answer a few questions from the office scribe dealing with what he most looks forward to in arriving at BIOMEDevice San Jose and what MuShield brings to the table / show!

Luke Grilli Headshot Mushield

Luke Grilli, Vice President

How long has MuShield been attending BIOMEDevice?

We’ve been to the East Coast BIOMEDevice show that takes placed in Boston a few times, but never had a booth at the show. This will be the first time we’ve been to BIOMEDevice San Jose, but knowing how great the show is in Boston, we are really excited to have our booth in San Jose.

What do you enjoy about attending and vending at this particular tradeshow?

I enjoy talking to prospective customers about the different solutions we can provide them with. Often times, the conversation starts with people who know nothing about magnetic shielding and just stop by to check out our interesting sample parts. That leads us to explaining what we do on a day to day basis and those we are talking to suddenly realize we can be a true asset to their company. We have developed plenty of strong relationships with customers just by having a conversation with them.

What does MuShield bring to the table? What are some fresh developments you’re showcasing this year?

There are a few companies in the US that specialize in magnetic shielding, but I think we are the most dynamic. Some of the intricate piece parts we have hydroformed, manufactured or fabricated that will be on display at our booth will really “wow” the crowd at BIOMEDevice. So many times I’ve heard from people at trade shows, “Wait…you made that out of sheet metal? Wow!”. I’m expecting the same response at this show.

How does MuShield “play” in the medical device industry?

The magnetic shields that we fabricate, manufacture or hydroform out of high permeability mumetal can be found every day in the medical industry. Whether our shields are being used in a room that needs to be magnetically “noise free”, or companies need to simply shield a sensor on one of their devices that happens to be the size of a pencil, we are a one stop shop for them. From design all the way to final heat treatment and delivery.

What’s the importance of magnetic shielding in the medical device industry?

It’s of paramount importance. When you get a procedure done on you, or you have an MRI performed on a body part, you want the results to come back accurately, right? Well without the high permeability mumetal magnetic shields that we produce, there is a good chance that outside interference could cause the results to be skewed a bit or cause the devices to not work altogether. Enter MuShield. We will build magnetic shields to our customers’ specifications to ensure results come back 100% accurate, 100% of the time.

Note that all magnetic shields for the medical industry we make have been either designed by our customers or by us alongside our customers and fully tested and accepted by those customers before being implemented. We are not a medical device company, but an integral ally for those medical device companies.

Why should folks visit you at booth #1416?

To talk to our talented VP of Sales and Marketing and Applications Engineer, obviously. No, but really, people should visit to learn about our capabilities and learn how our skill set and expertise could help solve any magnetic interference problems they may be having. It also doesn’t hurt to talk about how our magnetic shields can be implemented early on in the design process to avoid headaches and costly delays.

Will there be swag? Will the swag be protected from magnetic interference?

There will be swag, but people will have to come to booth #1416 to find out if it’ll shield from magnetic interference!

For more information on BIOMEDevice, click here.

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