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Community Partnership: North Star Education Services

North Star Education Services August 18, 2017

Success to MuShield is more than just a profitable bottom line. It also means being able to give back to community. Last September, MuShield partnered with North Star Education Services out of Bedford, New Hampshire, to offer employment opportunities to young adults with learning disabilities.

North Star Education Services offers a variety of diverse education and career options for clients who may be diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, anxiety, depression, specific learning disabilities, Social Communication Disorder, nonverbal learning disabilities, or High Functioning Autism. The North Star Education team of educational coaches, tutors, evaluators, job coaches, and consultants provides a collaborative and supportive relationship with each client and serves as their guide toward success.

“The partnership between MuShield and North Star began a year ago with two young adults being trained as parts packers,” said Cheri Nixon, Director of Young Adult Services at North Star Education Services. “North Star provides education and transition support to individuals who experience high functioning autism (Asperger’s Syndrome). North Star participants have learned the importance of good attendance, productivity, communication, and accountability, as this is their first paid job. Two other young adults have now entered MuShield as parts packers. MuShield has been very supportive at all levels of the company. At their recent company picnic, all workers interacted as one workforce, having fun on a great summer day. The value of these interactions and this partnership is priceless across the board.”

This has been a very positive experience for all involved. We employ these bright, young people in our inspection and packaging areas and have found them to be exceptionally dedicated and focused. By doing such a fine job they have added to our customers satisfaction. Their success has been our success. At any given time you can find 2-3 employees in our facility that have come by way of our partnership with North Star Education Services. Our hope is that the confidence gained here will help propel them forward to even greater opportunities.

Ed Nordengren, MuShield Operations Manager, along with Amy Wadland, MuShield Office Manager, recently attended graduation ceremonies at North Star Education Services for graduating students and MuShield employees, Trevor, Alex and Sam.

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