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Partner Spotlight: Silram Group Ltd.

Silram Group Ltd. September 19, 2017

For 25 years MuShield and Silram have worked together to expand both of our operative business missions. MuShield has loyally supplied Silram with magnetic shielding components to help grow their EMI/RFI business. While, on the flipside, Silram has steadfastly engaged MuShield as an overseas liaison of the magnetic shielding company’s brand expansion.

Early in the stages of the two companies working together, MuShield and Silram saw that there was a mutual benefit in growing their business relationship since there was an underserviced magnetic shielding market in Israel. MuShield and Silram agreed to a partnership where Silram would work with Israeli customers and bring that business to MuShield. This opened up a market that was unknown to MuShield and has flourished since taking those first few preliminary steps forward.

Silram is not only our ‘boots on the ground’ asset in Israel – if a customer ever wants to meet face to face and talk about our magnetic shielding – but they also know the Israeli market second-to-none, which is of great value to us. Silram is able to target customers that may need Mumetal magnetic shielding and introduce themselves as a reputable, trusted Israeli company. We’re so grateful to Silram and our main contact, Liron Erel, who is a talented negotiator that works with both MuShield and the customer to ensure that all parties receive an exceptionally fair deal.”

“Most engineers that seek problem solving to EMI need to get magnetic shield solutions as well as a working piece of the end solution,” said Erel. “MuShield products are the perfect solution to most of the problems that occur in the low frequencies spectrum, making them a seamless and valued partner.”

MuShield offers Silram’s current customer base consultation services and will work to improve current magnetic shielding design, while striving to keep costs as low as possible. Often times Erel will present MuShield with a customer design currently in the R&D or production phase, in which case MuShield often offers one of the in-house niche manufacturing solutions that will inevitably produce a better magnetic shield for a lower price.

The partnership works with clients of all sizes, optimizing custom solutions that – quite simply – work for all parties involved, from medical to military applications and beyond.

“The most significant project is the project with GE Healthcare,” said Erel. “Thanks to the long terms efforts from both sides – Silram and MuShield – we had managed to be the sole source of magnetic honeycombs for the most advanced devices in the MRI field of GE Healthcare. This project finally materialized a few years ago and to me it has a “high rank place of honor” to be a leading supplier to one of the most advanced and well known medical companies in the world.”

They say you’re only as strong as the bonds you’ve forged, and with Silram as one of MuShield’s trusted partners the potential for future growth is vast. Both organizations benefit greatly from the mutual extension that exists between the two teams – ultimately connected as one.

About Silram Group:

Silram Ltd. is a distributor/agent company serving the electronic and related Hi-Tech industry in Israel. Founded in 1992, Silram is situated in Kfar-Saba, near Tel-Aviv,
in the center of the Hi-Tech activities and customer’s plants. They provide a wide range of components in the following main areas:

  • EMC (EMI/RFI) – ferrites, filters, electric conducting gaskets and the like
  • Power supplies – commercial and medical grade AC-DC and DC-DC modules
  • Leds, oscillators, relays
  • Communication transformers for telecom such as:
    • xDSL
    • LAN
    • Power

For further information visit: www.silram.co.il

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