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Research and Development Made Easy

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Looking To Develop A New Part?
We Can Help Manufacture The Production Process.

Research and Development (R&D) is an imperative process in the lineage of bringing a product to market, yet, it’s not always easy to get through it in your own facility. Most shops in the United States are set up as production facilities, looking to produce orders for their customers and/or the supply chain and don’t have an easy and/or strategic means of testing out new ideas.

And we get that. You can’t afford a hiccup in production when that’s how you pay the bills. That said, you shouldn’t let those ideas fester and collect dust, and, worse yet, have someone else beat you to the punch. Therefore, we’re here to tell you about the opportunity that exists with MuShield, which is, tapping into a partner that will help you through the R&D process and bring that idea in your head (or on paper depending on where you’re at with things) to fruition. Because if you don’t get it made and ready for testing, it’ll never get done and thus will never be proven worthy for market.

We know what you’re thinking… Who has the time to produce a few piece and parts to serve an R&D cycle? Many will tell you there’s a “minimum order” to get them to even start the machines. But here at MuShield we believe in progress and pushing the industry forward and thus, there is no minimum. What’s more is, we have a team of inhouse engineers that can help you draw up the actual blueprints for the job if you haven’t even the time for that (or the know-how for that matter).

Let’s start at the top…

In short, R&D is fertile testing (or battle depending on how you want to look at it) grounds for seeing if unique/specific jobs and/or ideas you have percolating are even feasible.

The challenge.

As mentioned, there aren’t many shops currently set up for measurable R&D “experiments” as it’s, quite frankly, a deterrent from the general daily routines that we’re all busy producing for.

Having a machine shop and Wire EDM inhouse enables us to quickly and cost effectively produce the tooling necessary to complete most low quantity R&D jobs. What that means for you is you’re able to easily invest in what could be a groundbreaking industry leading process or product by utilizing MuShield to conduct your R&D initiative without jeopardizing the daily production you need your own manufacturing line to be working on.

So Whats Holding You Back?

At the core of R&D is innovation and that alone is the very hallmark of manufacturing here in the United States – keeping our great country a step ahead of the curve. That said, R&D is important because, as we said, innovation requires myriad interconnected activities that lead to a greater goal. R&D is the step in the network that looks to keep innovation moving and manufacturing development healthy and progressing- ultimately ensuring more successes than failures when the finished product actively hits the market.

In order to get there a new idea generally runs through seven stages of development. Those steps include:

  • The idea generation
  • Initial screening
  • Concept development and testing
  • Business and marketing strategy development
  • Product development
  • Test marketing
  • And finally, commercialization

There’s a lot at play here and R&D is by far the most important step in deciding on whether or not your idea will flourish or fizzle.

Research and development in our industry is a huge driving force that defines the future of not only an individual company – it also impacts the direct surrounding network, and further, the industry as a whole. Many shops stick with tried and true measures of getting a task at hand from Point A to Point B, and we get that… But, if we’re not thinking ahead, chances are we’re falling behind. R&D is fertile ground for seeing if jobs and/or ideas are feasible. As we mentioned, there aren’t many shops set up for measurable R&D initiatives as it’s, quite frankly, a deterrent from the general daily routines. That’s a part of why we’re here.

It takes time and resources to partake in R&D work, and in an industry that already operates on tight deadlines, sometimes there just isn’t the proper bandwidth or operative ability to conduct R&D in-house.

MuShield is fortunate to have over 100 years of combined working experience in our Manufacturing, Production, Applications and Quality engineers. This wealth of experience in the metal forming and fabricating industry allows us to tackle certain challenges that other companies may shy away from. No challenge is too big for us. So, if a company has an idea but isn’t 100% certain the idea is a viable one, we can help put the test in motion and help design, produce, and measure if the idea is of merit or not. In short, you won’t know until you try, and when you’re ready to try, we’re here to help you through the process as painlessly as possible.

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Why choose MuShield?

When we say we’re your one-stop shop, we mean it. From an idea on up through the finished product we have the staff, tools, and knowhow to push any project through to culmination with our streamlined, in-house process. We have engineers on staff to help you figure out how to make any idea you might have, a reality. We like to call it the “MuShield Advantage.” So, please, consider us. Here’s our pitch:

  • Over six decades of proven success
  • Secondary operations (laser trimming, hole cutting, heat treating, etc.) are done in-house to expedite delivery and keep costs down for our customers
  • Short lead times
  • Simple and inexpensive tooling
  • Dimensional consistency and quality
  • Unparalleled customer service, from initial conversations about your unique needs, to design, production, and post project follow-up
  • Cost savings leading to a bolstered bottom line for your organization

Industries served:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Defense / military
  • Communications
  • Industrial / manufacturing
  • Electronic / technology
  • General

Further in-house capabilities:

That’s our pitch! Now let’s hear yours. Contact us today and let’s get to work on that next potential industry-transforming idea!