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Three Things That Employ the Inclusion of Mumetal

Three Things That Employ the Inclusion of Mumetal July 24, 2017

Sounds like the start to some Hollywood related gossip tabloid, doesn’t it? Well, it’s not. We aptly field a continuous stream of “what is mumetal?” questioning throughout our days here at MuShield. And we understand. If you’re not in the business, or actively in a position that seeks out magnetic shielding possibilities, you may have zero use for what we’ve built our business on. And that’s totally fine.

However, the reality is, many people are subjected to magnetic shield components such as mumetal each and every day. If you’re reading this on your iPhone right now, you’re probably utilizing the power of a magnetic shield. See?

Here are three other applications of mumetal as it relates to three entirely different industries:

Full Body Scanner at Airport

You know the very machine. They’re mandated, so, if you’ve entered an airport in an attempt to board a plane, you’ve been subject to magnetic shielding technology. You step forward, spread your feet on the mat below, raise your hands in the air, and then that cylinder spins around you as you stand in that confining transparent cubicle. Then, you step out. It’s a glorified, full-body x-ray machine that captures your entire being in one swift motion. Mumetal is a working component of the machine to help prevent electromagnetic interference (EMI) from entering the scanner and distorting the image. Airport security is looking for harmful items on a person’s body, so it’s important that they get a clear look at what could be hidden under those garments.

Spacecraft (Shuttles, Stations, Etc.)

Not exactly something most of us are subjected to (like the airport scanners above), but something we see a lot of on the news, or in documentaries. Space travel is full of curious, scientific variables that take great thought, design, and execution to achieve. On earth, we’re protected by the planet’s natural shielding properties in the ozone that shields us from space radiation and cosmic rays. No, this isn’t a science fiction novel, it’s true!

Therefore when astronauts pass through that “field,” there are hurdles that exist to maintain safety and clear courses of travel given that the craft they’re in is the only device that maintains their wellbeing. Mumetal is an operative piece of vast space exploration technologies to help prevent from the aforementioned interferences from inhibiting travel navigation and communications.

Petroleum Navigation

On the surface one might think, “a drill’s a drill,” right? Wrong. There’s a lot of science that goes into it, especially when you’re talking about penetrating the earth’s surface and navigating on through to the core to find oil and/or other fossil fuels of merit.

The drill machinery used in an oilrig is controlled with a combination of technologically driven devices (computers, etc.) as well as fluids to maintain balance and lubrication. The magnetic properties of a drilling fluid as well as the inherent material makeup of the earth you’re drilling into vary significantly and, when agitated are subject to producing various degrees of radiation, which can adversely affect the operation of not properly suited for combating such variables. Thus mumetal is used to help shield mechanical hardware on these rigs to ensure that the work stays on course and no interference is experienced, which might throw things for a loop otherwise.

Do you have questions about mumetal, magnetic shielding in general, or are you in the market for customized magnetic shielding protection? Give us a call today. We’ve been the trusted partner in the magnetic shielding industry for nearly three-decades.

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