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Armoring Our Military’s Assets

Armoring Our Military's Assets January 10, 2018

There’s constant change when it comes to the United States military and the technologies they utilize to help drive operative missions and defense intelligence. A lot of these technologies have been focused on finding the most accurate and tactful way to defend the country during a time of conflict with minimal human casualty. This is achieved using ammunitions that aren’t controlled by a human on the scene, but rather driven through communicative technology as a working piece of the weapon.

This can be in the form of a vehicle or defensive “robot” that is driven by computer, or such things as missiles or bombs. We’re sort of going about this with a very general swath, but the ins and outs are truly revolutionary in scope and action.

“Shielding to control EMI is a staple in modern electronics, playing a major role in military applications. Internal design practices can do much to control EMI in commercial and industrial electronics, but there is a limit to how much you can do. The EMI demands in military electronics are such that good internal design practices are inadequate – shielding is usually needed.”

“Shielding theory is well covered in a number of good books and military documents. But our experience is that most EMI shielding problems are not solved by analysis, but rather by meticulous attention to the fundamentals.”

“Shielding demands vary with the design and the environment, but typical Shielding Effectiveness (SE) needs typically run about 80 dB for military designs. Considering that 80 dB is a factor of 10,000, we see that it will take a very good shield to meet the needs.” – www.incompliancemag.com

MuShield has been working with government driven military organizations to help drive the magnetic shielding component of some of these technologies to make sure that the accuracy and communicative capabilities are on point and uninterrupted. In a time of conflict precision is key and often the fine line between life and, well, casualty.

For example, our magnetic shields protect Fiber Optic Gyros (FOGs) that help direct the applicable weapon where to go and keep its accuracy up to snuff. Our shields can also be found on military vehicles that require pinpoint accuracy during routine missions, nighttime maneuvers etc. There’s no room for error and no time for compromise, which is why we’re a trusted contractor.

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