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Hexagon Metrology 7.10.7 SF

coordinate measuring machinery June 27, 2018

Here at MuShield we yield at nothing to provide exemplary manufacturing success for our clients and partners. Thus, we strive to put the right tools in place to achieve unparalleled results. In the spirit of this, we recently added a piece of coordinate measuring machinery (CMM) to help with our inspection processes, assuring precision targeted results. Bolstering our Quality department here enables us to stay on top of and exceed Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) requirements and First Article Inspections that hold prevalent weight in the industries we service; particularly aerospace, automotive and medical manufacturing.

This new CMM – the Hexagon Metrology 7.10.7 SF – allows us to produce quicker and more accurate results, while also enabling us to measure parts with a much bigger footprint – a past challenge we’re so pleased to be able to remediate.

This rugged CMM has excelled on our floor with advanced thermal compensation, covered ways, built-in vibration resistance and a sleek, functional shop-hardened design. Another nice feature of the Hexagon Metrology 7.10.7 SF is that it’s on wheels, making it portable so we can move it to various points of production, where precise dimensional inspection is required.

Other features we’re excited about (sorry, we love nerding out on these types of things – we’re passonate about what we do!):

  • LED lighting and fixture plate system for easy workspace access and visibility
  • Message lighting system to alert users of system status from a distance
  • User-focused jog box and holder design to make interacting with the machine more intuitive
  • Integrated touch-screen monitor with hidden cable management provides convenient operator input
  • Hardened linear guides to provide reliable inspection in the long term
  • Lightweight bellows and covers protect machine components from shop floor contaminants and reduce friction to keep downtime to a minimum
  • Thermal isolation elements and temperature compensation that ensure accuracy, even in changing temperatures
  • Vibration isolation to reduce the effect of vibrations on measurements for the best possible readings, with an optional active dampening system available for extreme environments
  • Various touch trigger and continuous contact analogue scanning probe options available to meet a range of measurement requirements

Using the touch-screen interface and the revolutionary PC-DMIS Touch software, operators can run inspection programs on the shop floor with little training. Gaining immediate insight into quality control helps you react quickly to process variations, reducing scrap and increasing productivity.

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