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Low Volume Hydroforming

Low Volume Hydroforming January 15, 2020

From 1 to 10,000 parts (and beyond), MuShield is the trusted source for hydroforming manufacturing. We have the expertise, technology and bandwidth in place to take care of your hydroforming needs, specific to your exact application. For many, the choice to move forward with hydroforming over other manufacturing practices such as stamping comes down to cost and lead time.

For initial R&D or low quantity production runs, nobody wants to spend $20,000+ on a tool and wait 24-30 weeks for product, only to find out that design is not going to work as expected. Enter MuShield. We thrive on proving out your design at a fraction of the cost and lead time when compared to other manufacturing processes.

Low volume hydroforming is yet another way we can help you facilitate forward production and optimized productivity. If you’re in need of a special piece for your project, or you are an enterprise scale production plant that needs a partner to contract with to take care of the small quantity queries, we want to be your first call.

Why choose MuShield?

The answer is simple. In fact, it’s built from three words:

Trust. Transparency. Results.

When you’re in need of a competitive advantage, consider what MuShield brings to the table:

  • Over six decades of proven success
  • Secondary Operations (laser trimming, hole cutting, annealing etc.) are done in-house to expedite delivery and keep costs down for our customers.
  • Short lead times
  • Simple and inexpensive tooling
  • Dimensional consistency and quality
  • Unparalleled customer service, from initial conversations about your unique needs, to design, production, and post project follow-up
  • Cost savings leading to a bolstered bottom line for your organization

The MuShield Advantage is one of experience, knowledge and customer-centric practices. Further, our extensive engineering experience allows us to contribute to the design process, which is fairly unique, enabling you, the customer to come in with an idea and be responsible for little else. Let us go to work for you. Our experience can help determine which materials and manufacturing methods will be most efficient and of highest quality for your important application.

What’s more is, perhaps you’re a company that’s looking for hydroformed parts but don’t yet have the proper stamping tool in place to accomplish the shape, size, and functionality of your piece. We can do that for you! We build tools in house for all order types, small and large, simple and complex. Our inhouse team of engineers can craft the perfect tooling solution to accomplish all of your hydroforming goals. Place your trust in us here at MuShield, and you’ll quickly understand why our customers utilize our services to accomplish a wide array of manufacturing goals – from the blueprints, to the finished product on through post-production – we can take care of it all.

So don’t look at a low volume hydroforming run as a nuisance, or put that potential next step/experiment on the back burner. Let us do the work for you, and push your ideas and jobs forward. We are ready to get started. Are you? Contact us and let us know what you’re looking to accomplish!

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