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Three Benefits of In-House Engineers

July 28, 2020

In today’s competitive business environment, and more specifically, in the manufacturing industry and our unending quest to reshore more industrial work within United States borders, it’s more important than ever to bring high-quality, innovative products to market quickly and cost-effectively. This isn’t always easy, and can seem impossible. One of the tricks is working with a partner that can help you see a dream through to fruition. It’s one thing to take a blueprint and produce, it’s another thing entirely to take a thought or sketch and turn it into the blueprint, which, in turn, winds up a tangible product.

That again, isn’t an easy prospect. BUT, that’s exactly where MuShield can help. Sure, we’re a production facility like many others and can gladly pound out the orders, but we pride ourselves in the investment of our team, machinery, and technology. We’ve told you all about our In-House Tooling capabilities in the past (LINK TO FEATURE), and today, we’re going to shed some light on our team of In-House Engineers which include:

  • Application engineers
  • Manufacturing engineers
  • Quality engineers

They’re important. And they make dreams come true. Silly as that sounds…

Three benefits of having in-house engineers on staff here at MuShield

  1. Having in house engineers is not only optimal for day to day operations, it is essential. Our engineers are the ones who drive the ship. They spec out each operation as a playbook for our shop hands. Working together with the men and women on the floor, our engineering group follows along and troubleshoots a project from the first operation, all the way to how we will eventually package and ship our parts.
  2. Our engineering group will brainstorm new ideas with our customers for projects both old and new. If a brand new project, we will advise on industry standard tolerances and/or manufacturing steps to ensure that their product will meet the desired fit, form and function…without breaking the bank. If our customer wants to take a drawing from the 70’s and modernize it, we are happy to assist with present day manufacturing symbols and lexicon to bring that drawing to the 21st century.
  3. Each introduction of stress to a specific metal is unique in that one lot of material may not respond the same way a previous one did in our hydroform or press brake. When that happens, our engineers are quick to get their hands dirty and fine tune our manufacturing process, usually introducing in process stress relief annealing cycles, or tweak a specific step to achieve an in-spec magnetic shield. It’s no small order – one small misstep can lead to a world of problems…

Some manufacturing companies may not have engineers on staff. And we get it… They’re a very niche human resource, but we are proud to have Engineering representation in the three key areas of Applications, Manufacturing and Quality.. A lot of education and experience goes into the working title that includes “engineer” in it. At the end of the day, when you’re shopping a job, there’s peace-of-mind value in knowing that your partner (which we hope is us here at MuShield) has highly specialized personnel on staff if a tricky spot comes up, or if an idea needs to be fleshed out.

That’s why we at MuShield are happy to have an in-house team of engineers on staff. If we’re stuck, it’s not for long. And if you have something your dreaming and scheming, we can create it… Worth every penny in our eyes.

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