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Autonomous Control: Magnetic Shielding for Unmanned Vehicles

Autonomous Control May 27, 2019

Chances are, if you’ve landed on this page, you know what an autonomous vehicle is, and you might even know what autonomous control is. But, one never knows. Maybe you’re a robot…

According to techopedia.com, an autonomous car is “a vehicle that can guide itself without human conduction. This kind of vehicle has become a concrete reality and may pave the way for future systems where computers take over the art of driving. An autonomous car is also known as a driverless car, robot car, self-driving car or autonomous vehicle.”

It seems like a science fiction film, but autonomous vehicles are all around us. From underwater navigation, to the sky above, to as far away as Mars and, likely beyond – but let’s stick to what we know… No matter which form of travel you’re looking at (from the autonomous control vantage point), MuShield’s high permeability magnetic shield solutions and our precision, deep drawn hydroformed parts are undeniably a working piece of the whole. From aerospace, aviation, nautical, manufacturing and beyond, we’re excited to play a pivotal role in the science that fuels our clients’ vehicular creations. MuShield makes magnetic shielding components are used everywhere from:

  • Submarines
  • Underwater crawlers
  • Autonomous helicopters and planes
  • Drones
  • Weaponry
  • Moon crawlers
  • Spacecrafts
  • Satellites
  • Gliders
  • Remote controlled toys…
  • And more!

Shielding a device or system in any of the aforementioned vehicles not only reduces EMI emissions, but directly improves performance. With constant advances in wireless technology and increased device signal sensitivity, shielding becomes even more important to maintain the functionality and safety of autonomous vehicles from the operative vantage point which is only heighted by the fact that there is no actual life aboard these vehicles to troubleshoot any technology facing issues as they arise. Thus, sound magnetic shielding is imperative.

Such devices and system components may include:

  • Frequency synthesizers
  • Digital circuits
  • Telemetry
  • Power supplies
  • Signal missives

As you’re reading this, many components that we make right here in our New Hampshire based plant are orbiting the earth, cruising around on the ocean’s floor, navigating Mars collecting samples, taking photos of your road for GPS mapping capabilities; all generating valuable data and information used for the betterment of science, and future advancements.

Whether the magnetic shields made from mumetal are being used to shield electromagnetic interference (EMI) affecting a guidance system, or a hydroformed part as simply a cosmetic element of the whole, every component we make plays a vital part to the aerospace and aviation industries.

Over the past 45 years, we have worked with world leaders in the aerospace, aviation, nautical, and manufacturing industries. We’ve proven that we have the capabilities and the knowledge to confront their magnetic shielding challenges fearlessly and deliver exceptional results for any and all autonomous vehicle designs and applications.

Our customers come to MuShield due to the experience and expertise we have in manufacturing mumetal and hydroformed piece parts for their unique needs. Not only can we deliver a blueprinted product – we can also design the shield you knew you needed but didn’t know how to design and/or apply.

MuShield: Armor Your Assets.

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