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Storied Studio, Storied Shielding: A Sound Partnership is Forged

magnetic shielding solutions June 5, 2018

Sound Techniques is a storied and treasured name in the history of recorded music. A studio that made some of the biggest records in the world from artists ranging from the Beatles and Elton John to Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin… the lineage and output is rich (check out “the list” here). Sound Techniques was formed in 1964 and is well known for their innovative, world-renowned recording consoles. After 50 years in the business the company was turned over to Danny White and P.H. Naffah. But they were ready for a change, ready to partner with proud magnetic shielding solutions.

“Danny & P.H. bring the same level of passion and enthusiasm for music and the recording process that Geoff and John brought when they first started the Sound Techniques business in 1964. With a combined 50 years of experience playing and recording music, Danny & P.H. are both “do-it-yourselfers,” who fell in love with the recording process during their music careers and built their own recording studios. The passion that Danny and P.H. share for the recording process make them natural partners. Together, they will guide Sound Techniques into a new era of recording history.”

To that, Sound Techniques needed to implement more of a digital presence to the recording consoles, bringing them up to speed with contemporary technologies. In the process of doing so, it became evident that marrying the new with the old there would need to be a focus on a solution to keep magnetic interference at bay as said potential interferences would compromise the quality of the recordings the studio has long been known for. Thus, MuShield was contracted to lead the company down a new path of continued, historic success in the music industry.

Co-owner, P.H. Naffah graciously answered a few questions about the Sound Techniques / MuShield relationship and how our custom magnetic shielding solutions are helping them achieve their goals.

First, let’s trace the roots of the partnership. How did the connection occur? When did it occur?

We are Sound Techniques, manufacturers of professional audio products including small, medium and large format recording consoles. During the manufacturing and design process we knew we were going to need something to help reduce radio electromagnetic (EMI) interference within our products and MuShield fit the bill.

How did you find MuShield?

As with most things these days we conducted a quick search of the fabulous interwebs, which provided us with the contact for MuShield as a potential solution for the issue we were facing.

What were next steps? Did you have shielding designed for you? Or was the solution more of an “off the shelf” type of engagement?

After a call and subsequent conversations, Luke at MuShield worked with us diligently to provide us with a perfectly elegant solution. The design was completely custom from the ground up. It needed to be in order to accommodate and protect our custom transformers.

How does MuShield’s magnetic shield solution benefit Sound Techniques?

The custom products Luke and everyone at MuShield provided benefit Sound Techniques in that they provide protection from external and internal EMI. This is critical in audio engineering with the end result being an incredibly low noise floor.

What’s the importance of magnetic shielding as it pertains to Sound Techniques and the recording industry?

The shielding provides an audio environment that is incredibly quiet by protecting the external EMI from interfering with the audio signal (think no hum or buzz coming through your speakers at full volume). Now that is quiet!

What are some highlights of the relationship? How has MuShield helped Sound Techniques overcome a specific challenge?

MuShield was incredibly professional and very timely with all the designs and subsequent design changes to provide us with exactly what we needed for our products. It is critical to our business that the vendors we use can provide us with the products we need in a timely manner and to this, MuShield hit a homerun!

Would you recommend MuShield to someone seeking similar needs?

Yes, Absolutely. Luke and the team were great, and we would recommend them to handle similar needs for anyone.


We’re so pleased to be able to add our technologies into the integral process that continues to make history in the recording industry. With MuShield’s custom magnetic shields as a working piece of Sound Techniques mixing consoles, we’ve forged an alliance that is making some sweet, sweet music. Turn it up to 11 – it sounds great from here!

Check out www.soundtechniquesusa.com for more information on Sound Techniques and the extraordinary work that they do.

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