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MuShield Expansion Update

manufacturing June 3, 2020

In early June, our building expansion wraps up and we’ll *finally* be moving into our new office and manufacturing space. Exciting times, to be certain! The 12,000 square-foot expansion will feature ~6,000 square-feet of new manufacturing space, 8 new offices for our employees, a state of the art magnetic testing room, and a conference room that you could play a game of tennis in. So get that racket tuned up and freshly strung and meet us at our HQ! (Don’t forget to stretch…)

Okay, back to the update at hand:

Almost immediately upon receiving our certificate of occupancy in the new space, our brand new Solar Vacuum Furnace will be up and running (read more about that here), heat treating mumetal magnetic shields and stress relieving our hydroformed components. The Solar Vacuum Furnace was an investment we absolutely had (and needed) to make due to the way we have grown over the last 5 years. With the furnace’s footprint taking up about 20% of the brand new manufacturing space, clearly it was imperative that we had to increase the size of our building to keep up with the uptick of business MuShield has seen recently.

In this time of social distancing, it is great to get employees out of a crowded office and into their own office(s). Looking down the road a bit and at the loose long term plans – and once we are past COVID-19 – this move will help employee efficiency improve drastically, as there will be limited interruptions now that employees will have their own workspace.

This expansion was not one to go off without a hitch, however. Along with having contractors in and demolishing old space for months, we had to deal with the business operation issues that came with COVID-19. While stressful at times due to both the demo and uncertainty surrounding the disease, our employees couldn’t have responded better to being shuffled around or having their style cramped a bit and we thank them for that. Read more about how we’ve been navigating these strange times here.

Since an aspect of our business is performing magnetic tests on parts both large and small, we designed a magnetic testing lab right next to the brand new manufacturing floor. Our Applications Engineers will be able to perform necessary magnetic tests to ensure that our customers’ sensitive magnetic shields will be performing as expected, using state of the art and calibrated equipment.

We at MuShield are extremely excited to see what the future holds. Over 15 years ago we moved from our old location in Goffstown and upgraded to our current plant in Londonderry. This expansion has been a long time coming and is not the end of our long term plans. As long as our customers require magnetic shields, we will be here to service them… though we may eventually need an even bigger building! But until then, we’re quite happy with where we’re at. Looking forward to continued growth and working with all of our loyal customers long into the future. Because we sincerely hope that our growth helps fuel your own growth as well!


Luke Grilli

Vice President-Sales and Marketing

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