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Tax Free Benefit

Tax Free Benefit November 18, 2019

At this point in our company’s existence, you’ve either heard about the “MuShield Advantage” or you’ve experienced it firsthand as one of our valued customers. We’ve been advancing the magnetic shielding and general manufacturing industry for 30 years now (where has the time gone!) and we’re not stopping anytime soon! Read on to learn more about the tax free benefit…

From our inhouse engineers and tool making capabilities, small to large job handling, custom to contract orders, to our technologically savvy machining equipment and loyal operating personnel, MuShield has been a trusted partner to many for decades.

But today, we want to briefly mention another money saving opportunity that exists when you contract your job with us. Sure, every company uses the “money saving” line as a working piece of their marketing. We’re not here to reinvent the wheel. So let’s throw a very real, very transparent money savings opportunity on the table here… MuShield is located in the good old Granite State: New Hampshire. What that means to you as a purchasing party is New Hampshire is one of the very few states that exists in the country that has zero sales tax. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

90% of the states in this great country of ours have instilled a sales tax that ranges anywhere from 3-8%. What that means is, when you’re placing your order, you’re getting hit with that tax ON TOP of the cost of the contracted job. Let’s put some real numbers to it.

Say your job costs a nice round $100,000.

The low end of the tax scale tacks an extra $3,000 on to your cost.

The high end of the tax scale nets you an extra $8,000 to the invoice.

That’s not chump change.

A $100,000 job contracted in New Hampshire costs you $100,000. Not $103,000. Not $108,000. $100,000.

Food for thought…

As always, we’re here if you want to talk about any piece of your manufacturing initiative. Let’s see how we can save you money and get that job across the finish line in a more timely and efficient manner. Happy customers equal happy customers, right? Right! NH’s tax free benefit is the way to go.

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