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Healthy Magnetic Shielding for the Medical Industry

Healthy Magnetic Shielding for the Medical Industry January 22, 2018

MuShield has been a trusted partner in the consultation, design, and production efforts surrounding sound technological advances in the medical industry and it’s relation to the use of magnetic shielding. From everyday medical technology stalwarts such as the CT scanner to installed life-saving devices, MuShield has been on the frontlines of medical technology advancement.

Starting back in 2003 we were contracted to help facilitate the development of a magnetic shield that aided in the proper operative function of the artificial heart – known as the Jarvik Heart Pump – as it communicated with electronics to filter and deliver blood throughout the body. No small task. We were thrilled to be a part of the working mechanics of such an extraordinary medical advancement as it looked to better the technology Our involvement here opened up many more doors in the medical industry and we’ve since been responsible for the design and shielding production for medical parts.

The medical industry now accounts for nearly 40% of our overall annual production as a company, which is something we’re proud of.

Outside of the straight up artificial heart remedy mentioned above, another obvious cardiac use of electronic technology is the pacemaker and it’s complex ability to communicate with the heart.


Taken from PubMed.gov:

“The number of cardiac implantable electronic devices (CIEDs) has greatly increased in the last 10 years. Many electronic devices used in daily activities generate electromagnetic interferences (EMIs) that can interact with CIEDs. In clinical practice, it is very important to know the potential sources of EMIs and their effect on CIEDs in order to understand how to manage or mitigate them (such as utilizing the introduction of a magnetic shield). …In patients with CIEDs, EMIs may cause potentially serious and even life-threatening complications (inappropriate shocks, device malfunctions, inhibition of pacing in pacemaker-dependent patients) and may rarely dictate device replacement. The association of inappropriate shocks with increased mortality highlights the importance of minimizing the occurrence of EMI. Adequate advice and recommendations about the correct management of EMIs in patients with CIEDs are required to avoid all complications during hospitalization and in daily life.”

The medical industry is all about reducing risks and improving health with the pioneered advancement of cutting edge technology.

Another example of this can be found in catheters medical professionals install in patients, which provide 3D mapping – enabling doctors to make more informed and concise diagnoses. These catheters also include magnetic shielding produced here in our facility. In short, making a difference in the lives of our fellow people is important to us and being able to deliver a service that furthers the betterment of the industry that literally works to keep people healthy, is a huge honor. As we look to the future we strive to bolster our role as a leader in the manufacturing of custom magnetic shielding components for the medical industry and the driving technological landscape that is forever changing the way we think and look at improved living.


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