MuShield Earns Coveted AS9100 Certification

MuShield Earns Coveted AS9100 Certification September 12, 2017

The MuShield Company is thrilled to announce that we’ve achieved the industry “gold standard” AS9100 Revision D aerospace quality certification after a months long process.

The AS9100 standard expands the requirements of the ISO 9001 certification – meeting the rigorous demands of the aerospace and defense industries – further bolstering the company as an industry leader in the Northeast. The internationally recognized AS9100 certification ensures that awarded companies adhere to the strictest quality, reliability, and safety standards throughout the entire operative stream of their facilities. The “Version D” delineation is representative of the latest and most comprehensive form of the accreditation.

This is a big deal in the forward progression of our company. We’ve long prided ourselves on producing the highest quality parts for our customers’ specific demands and this certification is validation of the hard work and long hours we’ve logged to become one of the finest sheet metal fabricators in our industry. We’re so proud of our quality personnel who worked really hard for a number of months to get the process down and make this goal a reality. All tolled, the process to earn this sought-after accreditation took six months to bring to fruition after a short series of audits and welcomed finely tuned additions to the process of the organization.

There’s only a handful of companies that can make claim of this certification in New Hampshire, so we consider ourselves fortunate to be one of the leaders in placing quality and exceeded customer expectations at the forefront of every job we take on.

AS9100 certification is required by most major aerospace manufacturers and is endorsed by all major aerospace regulators, including the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), US Department of Defense (DoD), International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). With this certification now in house, MuShield is looking to the future and positioning themselves as not only one of the most decorated magnetic shielding shops, but also a high-end precision sheet metal fabrication company as well.

To achieve the certification MuShield was mandated to participate in a multi-step review process that began with a typical written application and moved into a physical assessment that highlighted the quality management system and process that we have in place here at our facility. An auditor paid a four-day visit to the floor and further validated the compliance of the facility through a stringent review process, which ultimately determined we were in compliance and granted the certification. In short, we yield at nothing to ensure that our team and customers are met with the highest quality standards in the industry.

No other industry is as safety-conscious as the one we’re in. There is no margin for error and strict quality control standards have been put in place to ensure compliance with safety norms, which will only further bolster our stance of exceeding industry expectation for every job we take on.

In short: We’re proud of this achievement and are excited about future business prospects.

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