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Outlining the Many Benefits of the Hydroforming Process

Hydroforming December 19, 2017

At its core, the beautiful thing about hydroforming is it’s ability to craft custom pieces and parts (including magnetic shields) necessary for a project at far less of a cost than stamping and more demanding punch and die tool sets. Results achieved from the hydroforming method are at no compromise to quality and function of the finished product.

Since 2010, MuShield has been hydroforming magnetic shields and other enclosures made from various sheet metal alloys that were once spun or fabricated. The result is a faster and repeatable process and far more consistent parts from run to run (+/- .002″ or better tolerance on all features of hydroformed parts), which means, as loosely mentioned above, overall satisfaction from our customers – who range from such diverse verticals including aerospace, high-tech, medical, utilities, military, and others – happily experience the per piece part price going down while the quality goes up.

How does hydroforming drive costs down? Well, one reason is – with thanks to the rubber diaphragm on the business part of the machine – the exterior surface of hydroformed parts are left with a smooth finish, compared to that of stamped parts which come in direct contact with a metal die. Thus, the end “raw product” makes hydroforming an excellent choice for the applications we work with – reducing costs due to the elimination of the need for extra finishing and polishing, in a lot of cases.

Examples of some of the applications we utilize hydroforming for in our shop include:

  • Aerospace – Shapes aluminum and high temperature alloys into a wide range of parts such as jet engine components, onboard magnetic shielding apparatus for operative technologies, lighting fixtures, Mumetal and other nickel iron alloys for magnetic shielding needs, and titanium for portable water tanks.
  • High-tech – Take a look at all the portable devices that serve a function in your own daily routine(s). Cell phones, tablets, GPS devices, etc., are all the beneficiary of hydroformed enclosures and magnetic shielding parts.
  • Medical – Devices, tools, critical machinery, light shades, and many more have hydroformed piece parts as a working element of their existence.
  • Utilities – One thing we don’t get to talk about too much, that we find fascinating is the utilization of some of our hydroformed products that are initiated in the field of petroleum exploration. From drills, assorted tooling, to the magnetic shielding requirements that exist within the working computerized mechanics of such explorative technologies found within this industry – hydroforming delivers and has its effects felt above (and even below) the earth’s surface!
  • Military – There’s a lot of moving pieces and parts to the military. Come land, air, and sea. From weaponry, to machinery, navigation utilization, and incorporated mechanical technologies, which also deploys our cutting-edge magnetic shielding technologies – hydroforming is a crucial frontline of our country’s safety. It’s true.

In summation the benefits of hydroforming are vast. Our favorites include:

  • Few steps exist in the process to get a job up and running
  • Quick turnaround from quoting to product delivery
  • Remarkable precision of end product
  • Waste reduction of raw materials
  • Weight reduction of finished part
  • Ability to form complex shapes
  • Reduced tool costs
  • Cost savings to customers
  • Predictable repeatability from production lot to production lot

Call us or email info@mushield.com today to learn more about the possibilities and how we can help reduce your project costs while simultaneously reducing turnaround processing times. All while increasing quality and the satisfaction of all parties involved.

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