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Armoring Your Assets

December 5+6 – San Jose Convention Center – San Jose, CA

Staffed To Answer Your Medical Magnetic Shielding Questions

Trusted experience. Unparalleled performance. Sound results. These are things that are imperative when it comes to shielding your medical devices from electro-magnetic interference. Your patients (or your customer’s patients) are literally placing their lives in the hands of the doctors that are utilizing the latest and greatest technologies to maintain and move their health forward. So you need to take the life and optimization of your tools and equipment very seriously. And we know you do.

For those of you that utilize MuShield as your magnetic shielding purveyor, you know the quality and care we bring to every job we’re hired for. For those of you that don’t utilize us yet, or are unfamiliar with our work, I invite you to stop by the booth to have a conversation. We’re passionate about what we do, and care deeply for your unique project goals. We listen first – which is an important distinction – we then draft up a plan, and finally, we execute.

MuShield: Healthy Magnetic Shielding Solutions for the Bio Medical Industry

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