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Over the Moon: Proven Magnetic Shielding Results for the Aerospace Industry

MuShield’s high permeability magnetic shield solutions and our precision, deep drawn hydroformed parts are found within many applications that exist throughout the aerospace and aviation industries to combat against these very issues. We are proud to play a pivotal role in our clients successes and ability to remain above board and ahead of the curb when it comes to industry safety guidelines. MuShield made magnetic shielding components are used everywhere from:

  • Low flying helicopters
  • High altitude airplanes
  • Outer space vehicles
  • And others…

Shielding a device or system in any of the aforementioned vehicles not only reduces EMI emissions, but directly improves susceptibility performance. With constant advances in wireless technology and increased device signal sensitivity, shielding becomes even more important to maintain the functionality and safety of avionic equipment from the operative vantage point to guests and applicable patrons utilizing their own devices.

Such devices and system components may include:

  • Frequency synthesizers
  • Digital circuits
  • Telemetry
  • Power supplies
  • Handheld devices
  • Etc.

As you’re reading this, many components that we make right here in our New Hampshire based plant are orbiting the earth, collecting valuable data and information used for highly technical experiments and operative missions.

Whether the magnetic shields made from mumetal are being used to shield electromagnetic interference (EMI) affecting a guidance system, or a hydroformed part as simply a cosmetic cover, every component we make plays a vital part to the aerospace and aviation industries.

Two challenges associated with proper EMI solutions

Weight. Being sensitive to this fact, we always look to develop the highest performing shield from the lightest materials possible and craftily and diligently look for ways to design strategic perforations and the like to reduce weight without affecting performance.

Design and geometry. This plays right to the “weight” issue above. The long and short of it is you need to partner with someone who not only produces the parts, but has a keen understanding of how to design and blueprint a part’s unique specs, thus setting yourself up for seamless success.

Shielding is typically one of the final steps in product development, which can compromise the whole project. Instead of finding the right fit as a working piece of the plan, you’re saddled with trying to find a shield that fits whatever specs you have left to work with, often fabricated within existing tight tolerances which may not be ideal for performance and safety. We feel it’s vital to get it right, right out of the gate – which is what makes us different than others producing similar solutions. We have highly educated engineers on staff to ensure quality pieces and parts from the outset.

Over the past 45 years, we have worked with world leaders in the aerospace and aviation industries. We’ve proven that we have the capabilities and the knowledge to confront their magnetic shielding challenges fearlessly and deliver exceptional results.

Our customers come to MuShield due to the experience and expertise we have in manufacturing mumetal and hydroformed piece parts for the aerospace industry. Quality is #1 in our book – and the book is extensive. We took the initiative to get our quality system certified to AS9100D, giving our customers piece of mind that MuShield can not only produce the demanding mumetal magnetic shielding and hydroformed parts their system demands, but also, that they’ll be made right the first time, every time. We continue to evolve our quality system as the aerospace industry dictates to ensure our partners receive magnetic shielding products that meet or exceed their expectations.

This is why our comprehensive list of customers include such industry heavyweights as:

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