Laser Cutting and Machining
Laser Cutting and Machining

Laser Cutting & Machining

The MuShield Company has two lasers on the shop floor. Both lasers have their own specific function at MuShield.

Trumpf TruLaser Cell 3010 5-Axis Laser

  • The Trumpf laser is generally used in secondary post-forming operations when critical cut outs are necessary for the fit or function of a sheet metal piece part. Being able to move on the X, Y and Z axis allows for the laser to cut challenging shapes that would be impossible for a normal spin lathe to cut.
  • All features can hold a positional tolerance of +/- .002″ or better.

Amada C-1500b 2-Axis Laser

  • The Amada is used to cut out a developed flat blank for parts that will eventually be formed, bent or welded

Both lasers are generally used to laser cut or laser etch mumetal, Aluminum, Steel and Stainless Steels, Brass, Titanium and Tantalum, up to .125″ thick.