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MuShield Magnetic Shielding MuShield Magnetic Shielding
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MuShield's manufacturing capabilities feature the finest precision sheet metal fabricating equipment. Coupled with magnetic shield design expertise, MuShield is your "one stop" magnetic shielding supplier. MuShield specializes in custom manufacturing to your needs.

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MuShield offers Laser cutting and machining services. High Permeability Magnetic Shielding material is easily laser cut. MuShield has CNC Punching capabilities. MuShield weld technician checks a part hot off the CNC rotary lathe welder. MuShield has extensive welding capabilities and capcity. With seasoned experience in our weld booth, we can hand weld down to .010 CNC Milling is an integral part of MuShield's manufacturing process. MuShield produces fixtures and tooling in-house to produce simple to complex magnetic shielding components. Our fully-equipped machining department also performs secondary operations on production parts from milling and turning to EDM. We have a fully integrated CAD/CAM process that allows us to analyze, program, and build a solution to your magnetic interference problems. We have analyzed, designed, and shipped custom shielding in the same day.
MuShield is state of the art in hydrogen heat treating. MuShield operates two hydrogen retort furnaces. We maintain excess capacity to be able to process MuShield has expertise in many forms of precision sheet metal forming techniques. Capabilities range from conventional press brake work to spinning, hydroforming, and stamping. MuShield has expertise in many forms of precision sheet metal forming techniques. In addition to manufacturing intricate precision weldments,<br>MuShield has the in-house ability to perform vacuum leak testing and certify the results. MuShield can custom produce shielding for any application.