Magnetic Shield Design Kits and MSK Tech Kits

MuShield offers two Sample Kits:

Are you trying to decide which magnetic shielding material is right for you? Do you want to experiment with high, medium and low permeability alloys and thicknesses?
If you said, “yes” to either of the questions above, one of MuShield’s magnetic shielding kits may be right for you. MuShield offers two different magnetic shielding kits. The difference between the two are the sheet size and thickness of materials. Each MuShield magnetic shielding kit contains a selection of technical features related to working with high, medium, and low permeability materials, design considerations, and selection of magnetic shielding materials.

  1. The MSK Tech ($179)The MSK-Tech Sample Kit was created for engineers requiring high permeability materials of various thickness’ to test shielding effectiveness on small components. It is perfect for confirming a design configuration, or for creating a shield for an immediate requirement.
  2. The Magnetic Shield Design Kit ($189)The Magnetic Shield Design Kit contains 10 pieces of foil material (6 of which are high permeability). This Kit was designed for engineers who need to test or build a shield utilizing the flexibility only foils provide. It is ideal for prototyping and testing. Foils can be cut with scissors and are easily formed into typical shielding shapes.