Heat Treating

Heat treating is a thermal process used to alter chemical and mechanical properties of metal objects. Most magnetic shielding components require heat treating to restore and/or enhance magnetic shielding performance, so it only makes sense that MuShield operates a heat treating facility on-site.

MuShield utilizes hydrogen heat treating furnaces, which yield superior shielding quality in the heat treated piece parts. Magnetic shielding components are heated to 2100 degrees F in a dry hydrogen atmosphere and eventually cooled back down to room temperature. Hydrogen is a reducing gas and removes surface impurities such as carbon and oxygen. The resulting metallurgical structure produces maximum permeability and shielding effectiveness.

Think of heat treating as a “purification process”. The grains of the material have been filled with impurities throughout the initial material melting and subsequent fabrication of your magnetic shields. Heat treating takes those impurities out of the grains and opens them up so electromagnetic fields can be absorbed, causing your delicate instruments to act accordingly.

Why choose MuShield for your hydrogen heat treating needs?

  1. Having in house heat treating capabilities improves lead time and quality.
  2. Already have a finished good that needs to be heat treated? MuShield does not only heat treat our own parts, but also offers hydrogen heat treating service on outside parts on a contract basis.
  3. We can hold up to 200 pounds of material and have retort sizes measuring 20″ x 20″ x 40″.
  4. MuShield is an approved heat treating vendor for many companies in the military, medical and aerospace industries including BAE, NASA, Johnson and Johnson, Raytheon, JPL to name a few.

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