Manufacturing Engineering

Once the magnetic interference problem is solved by our Application Engineers, MuShield’s Manufacturing Engineers analyze a customer’s proposed design or develops their own design for cost effective purposes and manufacturability. Our talented group of Manufacturing Engineers have over a decade of combined hands on experience in designing and fabricating magnetic shields. We can build shields that will not only meet your critical shielding requirements, but also fit into a specific envelope that is essential for your specific application.

MuShield was the first in the magnetic shielding industry to be ISO 9001 certified more than 10 years ago. With our latest ISO9001:2008 certification, MuShield’s manufacturing operations are reliable, repeatable, and efficient..

Quality Engineers

Quality is our top priority! Application and Manufacturing Engineers stay involved from initial concept to the end-product, ensuring design specifications are achieved, while our Quality Engineers ensure superior component repeatability. Our Quality Engineers will follow each job from the quoting process until the date of shipment, monitoring, recording and preparing data, while also analyzing that data to see how we can continue to stay efficient on the shop floor.

MuShield is ISO 9001:2008 certified and follows stringent specifications and standards to stay accredited. Just ask some of our customers – we have exceeded the rigorous quality expectations of many clients, such as:

  • Raytheon
  • Honeywell
  • Boeing
  • GE Medical
  • Johnson & Johnson

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