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MuShield Magnetic Shielding MuShield Sales staff will assist you in getting your questions answered. If you need application assistance or a quote for an existing design, the sales staff will get your answers fast.

MuShield can provide you with extensive Application Engineering assistance no matter how large or small your Magnetic Interference problem. If you have an existing design, MuShield will review and quote the manufacturing, following the procedure outlined below.

After a shield design is defined, Manufacturing and Quality will review the design and develop an efficient and effective process to produce the shield in accordance with the specification required.

Sales negotiates details of pricing and delivery, sensitive to your cost and scheduling needs.

Production then receives a complete engineered package from Process Engineering to manufacture, inspect, and test to all of the Purchase Order requirements. This package is complete down to the packaging and labeling specifications. With an eye on the calendar, the MuShield production team will manufacture your shielding to specification and ship on time.

Sales and Customer Service will work during this ongoing process to keep you the customer informed of such things as ship dates and any other details regarding your order.

MuShield is fortunate to have on its staff several design and manufacturing engineers with extensive experience in the fields of magnetic shielding and process engineering. In many cases two design minds are better than one, and we work as a team to develop an end product that works and has manufacturing efficiencies designed in. This results in a shield design that performs as needed and is cost effective.

MuShield is a small company that tackles big problems. Our flexibility and talented mix of engineers enables us to build, test, and ship prototypes within your time and budget requirements.

MuShield works closely with the customer's design engineers to create a viable shield. We then build according to agreed upon specifications, and test for performance. Simple.