MuShield Magnetic Shielding
MuShield Magnetic Shielding MuShield Magnetic Shielding

MuShield offers Extensive Manufacturing Capabilities and Resources. From prototypes to large production runs, MuShield provides unsurpassed quality and service.

When the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory scientists set up an experiment to test Einstein's Theory of Relativity, they specified MuShield to protect the atomic clock used to explore the structure of space and time.
High Technology companies using SQUID (Superconducting Quantum Interference Device) technology call MuShield to eliminate all interference from the Earth's Magnetic Field so that ultra sensitive R&D experiments will result in accurate findings.
When Hewlett Packard needed a small, high volume shield to solve an unexpected interference problem with a consumer printer product, MuShield solved the problem, started production and shipped this adhesive backed shield to China for assembly within 2 days. This consumer product had a life cycle of 4 years. MuShield shipped over 400,000 pieces during this period. We were able to maintain this business thru manufacturing ingenuity, quality control and dedicated customer service. We can compete in the Global market place because we offer an unmatched commitment to quality and value.
MuShield invites you to visit our manufacturing facility, conveniently located at the Boston/Manchester Regional Airport. We would be happy to assist you in making arrangements for transportation and/or accommodations.

The MμShield Company, Inc, a leading supplier of high permeability magnetic shielding, announced that it has partnered with The AT Wall Company, of Warwick, Rhode Island to develop MμShield high permeability magnetic shielding seamless tubing.
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